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2014 Permaculture Calendar Giveaway

Exciting news guys – I’m running a giveaway!

Richard over at Permaculture Principles and I have exchanged the use of one of my images in a promotion for a few copies of the just released 2014 Permaculture Calendar and it’s my pleasure to be able to give a copy each to two readers!  Note: Australian residents only (Sorry my international friends – I still love you – I’m just frightened of the postage costs!)


All you need to do is leave me a quick message in the comments section so I’ve captured your name – nothing special or difficult, and I will send you an email if you’re one of the two randomly selected winners.

The draw will be held on the 1st September at noon and I will shortly after announce them on the blog – the first day of spring – how appropriate!

If you’re not successful, but are interested in purchasing a calendar you can do it via the below weblink to the Permaculture Principles website.  While you’re over there, spend some time clicking around – it contains a wealth of wonderful information and resources.

Good luck!



Just wanted to thank a locally based reader – Sally – who reached out to Mel and I, with an offer to claim a whole bunch of pre-loved baby gear that was no longer needed.  This amazing gesture has saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars and we are extremely grateful.  Thank you.


Supporting local producers

It’s early, about 6:30am on Saturday and I’m at the Farmers Market where all the producers are frantically setting up for the day.   We come here often to buy amazing fresh produce from local growers, but today I’m not here to buy, I’m here to sell.
IMG_0132 IMG_0135-2

I have a long-standing friendship with a local grower – Owen Pidgeon – from Loriendale Orchard.   My first “proper” 9-5 job after leaving school was as a website administrator for a government department, and it was there, eleven years ago, where I struck up conversation with Owen about his organic orchard.    I knew nothing about organic growing, or local food at the time, but now I realise, establishing real connections with food, and the people who grow it, is as about as important as it gets.

Today, being well into the harvest season, he’s reached out for some help to man the stall and I’m more than happy to assist.

IMG_0141 IMG_0172

I love telling people that everything is certified organic.  I love telling people that all these apples were grown only 15 minutes drive up the road.   I love the look of fascination on peoples faces when confronted by a dozen varieties of apples that they’d never heard of before.   This is real food, and I’m ‘real proud’ to be selling it.

IMG_0159-2 IMG_0157

I think we’ve tried to get far too clever with our food.  We desperately need to re-localise and change starts here, at this place.  It was a good morning too – a record sales day – at the markets.IMG_0173

Celebrating Diversity at The Multicultural Festival

Every year in late summer, Canberra’s civic centre is taken over by hundreds of white tents, showcasing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of many nations, in the spirit of celebrating our cultural diversity.  It’s something I really look forward to every year, there is no greater event facilitated by the local government, in my opinion.  It attracts everyone – young, old, families, party go-ers, alternative and dead-straight mainstream types – a complete cross-section of the community.

The program is extensive and it was much larger this year than last, with 250,000 people tipped to enjoy the weekend, they even closed down a few of the major CBD streets to spread things out a little.multicultipeoplespanishdancing

There were musical and dance performances around every corner and lots of tents selling different national cuisine.  We tried food from Sudan, Tibetan momos, the best pad thai I’ve experienced since visiting Thailand 6 years ago, some gorgeous Italian pastries for dessert, plus a few yummy beers from the Chez Republic.  It’s authentic food, made by proud people and it’s beautiful.padthai

I come away with a sense of connection with my community at these sort of events, and it feels great.  I’d really like to cultivate this feeling more, I’ll have to put some thought to that.