Lemon Gelato

I know it’s completely the wrong weather for it, but I think we’re so desperate for a little taste of summer that I couldn’t hold myself back from making up some lemon gelato from the abundant supply of lemons and eggs from the backyard. I’ve never made up a custard based ice-cream before, but it actually turned out to be very simple.IMG_8957IMG_8944IMG_9273 (2)

Check out one of our six beautiful chooks – they’ve all recently gone through a moulting session and have now grown back a stunning plumage. We suffered an egg drought for a little while as a result, and I was almost forced to buy eggs for the first time in years, but thankfully they’re all back to business now.

A custard was made by gently heating egg yolks, sugar, low fat milk, and a bit of lemon rind. Once thick enough, it was strained through a fine mesh sieve, the juice of 5 lemon added, and finally into the ice-cream maker for churning.IMG_9455-2Despite it being on the brink of snow outside, we enjoyed it immensely, It really has a lovely taste about it – a bit like a frozen lemon tart. It also helped us to recall fond memories of our daily gelato ritual during our European honeymoon.

Are you getting desperate for some warmer weather too?


5 thoughts on “Lemon Gelato

  1. Nanna Chel

    I love those photos not to mention the lemon gelato! It looks fabulous. It is cold here too after such warm weather but I don’t think I could bring myself to eat gelato. Our house is cold and I think it would make me feel colder. Not too much longer till Spring though!

  2. Zena

    Oddly, we bought the best quality ice-cream from the supermarket and ate it in front of the fire place last night. And this was after Jindabyne’s snowfall so it was extra cold. We must be yearning for summer too:) What a cute little chicken. Always amazing photography!


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