Planting Onions – A short film

It was a cold day today, but nothing a little garden work didn’t fix.   For something a bit different I switched the DSLR to video mode and created a short film about planting onions.   Hope you enjoy, it was a pleasure to make it.


5 thoughts on “Planting Onions – A short film

  1. Claire

    My sister put me onto your blog and what a small world it is! My husband and our two boys also live in Canberra’s inner north. It’s so nice to see our city through someone else’s eyes.

    We have been busy with babies since moving into our new home, but we hope to start the veggie patch and chook pen in spring. Looking forward to
    visiting this space for some inspiration.

    Cheers, Claire

    P.S. I’m sure you are being overrun with well meaning advice, but I would highly recommend joining a mother’s group if you haven’t already. We met a lovely group of parents who we still see regularly two years on.


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