Cream of broccoli soup

I’ve been looking for a recipe that would really showcase the broccoli I’ve been growing in the backyard.  Something a little more impressive than a few steamed florets next to carrots and potato on the side of a plate.

It being winter, I am very partial to any kind of warming soup with a bit of buttered bread on the side.  So after a quick search on the Internet, armed with a knife in one hand, and a recipe card for Martha Stewart’s cream of broccoli soup in the other, I charged into my suburban backyard larder to take what I needed.

It was truly amazing.   I think I’ve found my new favourite soup.   This is a story, told in pictures, about cream of broccoli soup.

IMG_1 IMG_2 IMG_6705 IMG_6688IMG_3 IMG_4 IMG_5


8 thoughts on “Cream of broccoli soup

  1. Miriam

    Gorgeous! We love cream of broccoli soup, although I don’t grow the broccoli myself. Funny to think that it is winter in Australia, it’s very hot where I live! I also make pasta and broccoli a lot- quick and easy.

  2. Miss Piggy

    I was given one broccoli seedling by a colleague which I’ve planted in a pot on my balcony. The caterpillars have eaten nearly all the leaves and the broccoli has started to “fruit”…only to go straight to flower! Bah! What happened – I had so many plants for that one little broccoli.

  3. Kate Ulman

    Hello!! I just followed your gorgeous comment back here and I’m so thrilled I did.
    What a wonderful and inspiring piece of the interwebs you have created.
    And hugest congratulations on your new baby. What an excellent adventure you guys are embarking on.
    Very excited to follow your journey.
    Love Kate


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