Neglect in the garden

My wonderful, productive veg patch is suffering from neglect.  I’m alright with that, in fact, I’m so comfortable that I’m putting it out for all to see.  I have to laugh really – it has literally “gone to the cats.”


I’m cool with the fact I’m learning to be a parent first, and everything else comes second.  I’d have been out there cleaning the place up for the last two days were it not for the fact that as soon as I finished taking some photos, a horrid cold winter drizzle set in, but if you look at it another way, the good soaking rain will make the chore of pulling out the weeds – roots and all – a piece of cake.

IMG_3128 IMG_3124

On my list is: clearing out the remains of the summer crops, weeding, raking the fallen leaves and adding them onto the compost, saving seed, pruning, tool maintenance, and turning over the vacant beds to sow green manure crops.IMG_3116 IMG_3098 IMG_3077IMG_3086 IMG_3084

Amongst the neglect, some thing seem to be thriving – my broccoli heads are much larger than ever before, and the garlic I planted from bulbs saved from last years harvest have all come up after only two weeks in the ground and are looking very strong and healthy.

IMG_3065 IMG_3000IMG_3030 IMG_3016

… And just as I finish writing this, the baby has gone down for a nap, the weather is lifting and sun is pouring in from the window.   I’ll get started then.


4 thoughts on “Neglect in the garden

  1. Kathy

    Well I would have to say they are the most beautiful pictures of a neglectful garden I have ever seen. You don’t realize about being a parent how little peoples needs are so much more important at the moment than the veggie patch and whilst you are going to get back into it a child’s well being far outweighs a grown lettuce but managing to fit both in down the track will get easier. Did you process your photos with any actions? Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Kirsty

    Doing well having broccoli and garlic, time with a baby is so brief and precious. amazing what an old vegie patch will send forth with a bit of neglect, mines filled with lettuce, onions seedlings and mystery plants that may be brassicas of some description


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