A new arrival…

Welcome to the world, Millie.  You’ve brought so much joy to your parents and our families since we found out we’d be expecting your arrival.  Prepare to be overwhelmed with love.IMG_0449


11 thoughts on “A new arrival…

  1. greeningofgavin

    Congratulations Michael. Millie is beautiful. I bet you and your wife are ecstatic, albeit very tired.

    Gav {man hug}

  2. Kathy

    OMG she is adorable…………..you can’t explain the feelings you have becoming a parent when you see your baby and realize that you and your wife made her (even though before she is born you know this) BUT when she is here it’s even more amazing…………..babies are born everyday but when you see your own baby for the first time it’s nothing but a miracle and you can waste an hour just sitting and staring at them. Your camera is going to get a workout and those veggies might get a bit neglected for a while because she is so precious.

    Congratulations to the both of you and well done to Mum carrying Millie and growing her. You guys might like to see a beautiful photography website that has just started about 6 weeks ago called “Spilled Milk”. It’s 13 mothers taking photos on parenthood. As I take so many photos of my children currently I am going to use the themes to go back into my HDD and get photos off my computer and print them into a book into the themes. ie I have a lot of photos of my children asleep from when they were brought home from hospital until now (9 and 7). I have a photo of James when he was 2 asleep on the stairs…yes leaning against 3 stairs fast asleep and Sienna lying on the couch fast asleep but her chin was not on the couch it was leaning on the top of her umbrella……….all these precious moments are in my HDD and so this is a good way to group photos and get them off the computer into a beautiful book.

    Anyway back to the website………. http://spilledmilkblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/sleep/ Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Margaret

    Congratulations to you both……”.the fun starts here” never forget you are doing the most important job in the world.
    Millie is a lovely name, she looks so sweet and tiny.

    1. Margaret

      One of the best things I have heard is to treat the first month like the 10th month of pregnancy….baby needs a gentle intro to the world, calm, quiet, restful, warm soft comfy clothes and close to warm bodies.
      Mum needs to rest and recover waaaay more than she thinks.

  4. lizzie

    I have five children and lactated for six years. It is very hard in the beginning as you can get quite sore. I never nursed for more than 20 mins at a time (10 mins each side) (I had a no- parking sign hung round my neck !) it takes a full month to get established and then it is pretty doable – but that first month – woah !!
    A beautiful, beautiful baby ! Congratulations ! Get plenty of zzzzs………………


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