Cooking on the wood stove

We live in Canberra, and in Canberra, it gets cold.  I wouldn’t say that the cool weather has really ‘set in’ yet –  we’ve only had a few nights below zero so far – but perhaps a couple of times a week we’ve felt cold enough to agree to fire up the wood stove and bask in it’s blissful radiant heat.

IMG_6734 IMG_6778

I’ve not discovered any need for fire-lighters – seems to me this is another example of a problem that didn’t need solving.  Just a few sheets of scrunched up newspaper is more than enough to get the kindling alight.  From there, I add just two or three medium sized pieces on full burn for 10-15 mins until the stove top is hot and we’re ready to cook. IMG_6780 IMG_6817

Nothing warms my stomach better on a cold morning than porridge.  As a child it featured nearly every morning during the colder months, and there’s no better way to start the day, in my opinion.  Oats, water, a splash of milk and a pinch of salt – simple and delicious. IMG_6849 IMG_6872

I used to get a bit bored stirring porridge on the conventional gas stove-top, but it’s a real pleasure to do so on the wood stove, as my body becomes thoroughly warm after standing so close to the firebox. IMG_6909-2The chooks love finishing the few spoonfuls of leftovers from the pot too.


7 thoughts on “Cooking on the wood stove

  1. Kim

    Just visiting from the Little Black Cow Blog- love reading your blog, but couldn’t find the follower’s button to follow it ! I wanted to get a Nectre baker’s oven as our baking box is a bit small on the fuel stove we have .Really enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to try making your ravioli!!

  2. Sarah

    What a great stove. That is a keeper. Wish I could join you in porridge. It is year round Granola weather here in the tropics.


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