Preparing for the baby

It’s all about the baby at the moment.   We’re now down to about seven weeks before the due date, and there’s painting to do.   Lots and lots of painting.


When it came to nursery furniture I always had it in my mind that we’d get something pre-loved rather than buy new, and my approach was confirmed when I walked into a baby store and found the cheapest cot they had was about $800!  My wife needed to pick me up off the floor!   So during the Christmas break my mother was looking over the classifieds and found a cot, change table, chest of draws and bookshelf for $170 total.  They had all been painted by the previous owner – a combination of blue, pink and grey –  but it was decided that our furniture should be white, so let the sanding and painting begin!cotbeforehandsandingIt’s taken weeks, but the cot is almost there – just a few touch ups here and there before it can be bolted together and made up with sheets and a blanket.   The change table is on its way too, then I’ll start on the chest of draws and bookshelf – I’m hoping that these last two pieces will be the least fiddly.cotpaintingThere’s also a lot of action happening in the baby’s room.  The carpets have been steam cleaned, the walls washed down, and framed cross-stitch pieces from one of my sisters lay waiting to be hung.   One of my brothers, an electrician, will come over on the weekend and install some double power points, and a new light fitting as the current one is broken beyond repair.  Mum and I will paint the ceiling, walls and trim.  A great family effort overall.  We should have the room and a cot for the baby to sleep in all ready to go by Sunday, then I’ll have just the few other pieces of furniture to finish.dulux tincrosstichDespite the time invested in the cot – I can’t help but get this great sense of satisfaction from breathing life back into something.   Beats the sensation of swiping a credit card any day.weeliebug


4 thoughts on “Preparing for the baby

  1. livingsimplyfree

    Isn’t it amazing the high cost of baby furniture? Your nursery is going to be beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished room. I cross stitch as well, giving each of the grand children a piece of their own, they love that it was made for them. Your cross stitch picture is so cute and will be loved for a very long time.

  2. Rhonda

    First baby products are like products for a wedding. As soon as the words ‘first baby’ or ‘wedding’ are applied, the price skyrockets. New babies need to be comfy and warm, they need to feel love. Buying thousands of dollars worth of products doesn’t give much to a baby because they have no idea if anything is new or recycled. The second baby generally uses all recycled things – no one in their right mind buys a new set of products for every baby. Using recycled from the start not only make more sense, it saves all that baby furniture from going to the dump. Your cot is lovely and I’m sure your baby will sleep safe and sound in it. Not long to go now! :- )

  3. Margaret

    Well done, the cot looks great, I am sure you will all do a wonderful job on the rest of the work on the room etc.
    Get on to GUM TREE online and you will see just about all that you need, as time goes on, high chair, travel cot, * pram etc. just check it out a few times a week and you will get amazing bargains.
    * The “Phil & Ted ” prams are great, you can add a little extra reclining seat to the back or the front, they are not wide like some 2 child prams,they are not longer, heavier or more bulky than a normal pram…..all my grandchildren have a “Phil & Ted”…….I don’t think it is fair or kind to make little legs work overtime keeping up with the adults pushing a baby in a pram and they can get very tired right up till 4 or 5 years old.
    The last six weeks seem to draaaaag, so try to plan some treats, surprises and special outings or activities to keep the Mama happy, doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep spirits up at the end.


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