Volunteer Pumpkin Ravioli

This growing season I didn’t get my act into gear in time to plant pumpkins – or so I thought – until late in January when harvesting the potatoes, I came across a young pumpkin vine amongst the potato plants.  It was a “volunteer” plant, from the compost I had spread about.  I had no idea what variety it was, but as I had been a lazy gardener I was willing to give it a chance, and decided to leave it be.

Well, with nothing more than a bit of water from time to time, that small, self-seeded plant grew to be an enormous vine, and now has 7 full sized pumpkins on it.  On Sunday afternoon when considering ideas for dinner that night, I did what I often do and that is walk out into the backyard larder for inspiration.  Check out what I saw – a bright orange pumpkin against a backdrop of dying leaves – it was practically crying out “Pick me! Pick me!”


So with the pumpkin under one arm and a handful of thyme in the other, I headed inside to set about trying Rhonda’s pumpkin ravioli recipe.  Rhonda is an amazing women and I’ve the greatest respect for her.  We’ve never met in person, live thousands of kilometres away and are at different stages in our lives – but through reading her words of wisdom over the years I feel like I’ve known her my whole life.  Big fan here.


I love rolling out pasta – flour and backyard eggs.   So simple, and so tasty.   There’s nothing like fresh pasta, nothing.  Gives your arm muscles a good workout too.

lineup pressing plateful

The finished product was absolutely divine, and I especially love the fact it’s another vegetarian meal we can add to our repertoire, with most ingredients sourced from the backyard.  This meal probably cost a dollar or two and wouldn’t be out of place on a restaurant menu – it’s that good!

Quite something when you consider that this meal came from such unintentional beginnings – a plant that seeded itself but ended up provided so much, asking for nothing more than a drink of water during a few hot summer days.  Next on the menu, pumpkin soup!

pumpkin ravioli


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Pumpkin Ravioli

  1. livingsimplyfree

    I plan to try my hand at pumpkins again soon. I tried for several years and never had a single pumpkin plant thrive, until I found a volunteer plant and decided not to touch it. That ravioli looks delicious!!


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