Fresh Backyard Pizza

As a bachelor I’d often walk into the local pizza joint and get a big fat takeaway pizza for lunch on a Sunday…   then I met my wife, and that routine ended (let’s face it – for the better).

But pizza has once again found it’s way onto the menu in our house, not as a cure from too much partying the night before, but as a way to utilise the fresh produce on offer in the backyard.


Combine 250g flour, 160ml water, 5ml olive oil and 3g yeast (these quantities makes one large pizza that easily feeds the two of us).
Kneed until smooth and elastic, and let sit to rise (If you are organised enough, I’ve found wrapped, and stored overnight in the fridge works really well).
On a surface dusted with flour, punch down, shape into a ball, roll flat and place on a piece of baking paper.

Take 3 roma tomatoes from the garden, peel and crush in a bowl.  Add 1 clove of minced garlic, and a finely chopped herb mix of  oragano, thyme, marjoram and parlsey, plus a small pinch of salt and sugar.  Spread evenly on the pizza base.



Let your seasonal backyard larder inspire you!  This is a half margherita and half sage and 3 cheese (mozzarella, tasty and parmesan).  Our favourite eating tomato is a golden-yellow French heirloom variety by the name of Jaune Flammee – it has been so productive and has the loveliest balance of flavours – if you aren’t already growing this variety and you spot it in the seed catalogues, give it a go!


Place the pizza and baking paper directly on the top rack of a preheated oven, and bake at 240C for 8 minutes, or so.   Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Fresh Backyard Pizza

  1. melliber

    We grew the Jaune Flamme tomato for the first time last summer. We were also very impressed – with the flavour and also the vigour and natural pest-resistance of the vines. Even though homemade pizza is on high rotation at our house, none of these pretty orange tomatoes ever made it that far!


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