Things need fixing around here…

I’ve been learning a bunch of new skills lately – handyman stuff.  These are skills that use tools – things like spanners, screwdrivers, hammers, and big tubes of silicone.  Our house is over 50 years old now, so the reality is things break and need fixing.

Most guys out there would probably pick up a few of these skills from their fathers while growing up.  My old man was fairly handy, but being in the Navy we moved around all the time, living in mostly brand new rental properties all my childhood, so there were very limited opportunities to practice and learn this sort of stuff – (thankfully I have YouTube to fall back on).


Last week the handle of our front screen door broke off in my hand, and the rubber join between the cistern and the porcelain bowel of the toilet deteriorated to the point of causing minor flooding every time it was flushed.

It’s satisfying to know I can attend to most of this stuff now.  Only a year ago I probably would have lived with the problem until I was thoroughly sick of it and called someone in.  It’s a good feeling to have the confidence to order a new handle assembly off the internet straight after it broke, knowing it will be a 10 minute screwdriver job.  I was even bold enough to tear apart the toilet, leaving my (pregnant) wife without proper plumbing for an hour while I sourced and fitted a replacement part! – Now I’m really living dangerously!

There’s much to be said about having some faith in your own abilities, and to be able to save money and mend something yourself, instead of being dependent on someone else, or throwing it out to buy a new one.


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