The rain set in yesterday.  There wasn’t lots of it, but it was constant and just enough to keep me from getting my weekend gardening chores done.   So to keep cabin fever at bay, we cracked out the board games.   The winter seedlings will have to wait another day.

rain on porch rain on tiles rummy


6 thoughts on “Raining

  1. kazari

    What winter seedlings are you planting out? I’m still a couple of weeks away, I think – and my tomatoes are still ripening. Once I can rip them out I’ll start thinking about winter.
    Beautiful picture, too 🙂

    1. suburbandigs Post author

      Thanks Kazari, I think I’m actually a little behind the times, because here in Canberra, once we get our first frost (typically end of April) the garden stops growing and goes into survival mode. If I was honest with myself I’d say I’ve been a little slack with my succession planting over summer, so I’ve already got some space ready to go while the current veg crops see out the end of their days… The winter crops will be anything that can survive a bit of frost – e.g. Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprout, Peas, Kale, Beetroot and Carrots. Where are you located?

      1. kazari

        I’m in Canberra, but I’m a very lazy gardener. This year I’ll probably do broccoli, cabbage and peas. I never have much luck with root vegetables – I tend to get lots of leaves and tiny roots!

  2. livingsimplyfree

    Love the pictures, is that your patio it’s gorgeous. My youngest grand daughter so used to snow now at age 2 corrected her mom when told it was raining today. She looked out the window and informed mom that wasn’t rain it was “snow water”.

    1. suburbandigs Post author

      Thanks Lois, Yes it’s our back patio – a very wet back patio at that. Credit for planting all the herb pots goes to my wife Mel, but keeping them alive goes to me – on a positive note, the watering can and I got the day off yesterday 🙂 Don’t kids say the coolest things? 🙂


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