Celebrating Diversity at The Multicultural Festival

Every year in late summer, Canberra’s civic centre is taken over by hundreds of white tents, showcasing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of many nations, in the spirit of celebrating our cultural diversity.  It’s something I really look forward to every year, there is no greater event facilitated by the local government, in my opinion.  It attracts everyone – young, old, families, party go-ers, alternative and dead-straight mainstream types – a complete cross-section of the community.

The program is extensive and it was much larger this year than last, with 250,000 people tipped to enjoy the weekend, they even closed down a few of the major CBD streets to spread things out a little.multicultipeoplespanishdancing

There were musical and dance performances around every corner and lots of tents selling different national cuisine.  We tried food from Sudan, Tibetan momos, the best pad thai I’ve experienced since visiting Thailand 6 years ago, some gorgeous Italian pastries for dessert, plus a few yummy beers from the Chez Republic.  It’s authentic food, made by proud people and it’s beautiful.padthai

I come away with a sense of connection with my community at these sort of events, and it feels great.  I’d really like to cultivate this feeling more, I’ll have to put some thought to that.


One thought on “Celebrating Diversity at The Multicultural Festival

  1. The Happy Larder

    Hi Michael! I saw a comment you left on Rhonda’s Down to Earth blog and you sounded so wonderfully excited, I simply had to come and see your blog. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to read a bit more. In the meantime, all the best for you and your wife!
    Kirsten x (from Wales, UK)


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