I’m under attack!

I’m under attack from the dreaded 28 spotted ladybird.  Yep that’s right.  An evil, leaf eating ladybird.  When I first came across these guys last year, I naively rolled out the red carpet to welcome them, and praised the gods for sending in a natural pest control team to give me a hand in the veg patch.  Wrong!


A week later I had all but lost my zucchini plants before I caught on that these guys were nothing but bad news.  The leaves were completely covered in 20 cent sized holes and the plants promptly failed along with my hopes for a bumper crop of zucchinis.


Now they’re back again and I’m not giving in without a fight.  Fortunately they stand out and are easy enough to spot.  A quick pinch between my thumb and forefinger and they’re out for the count.   It’s war.


2 thoughts on “I’m under attack!

  1. ethicalliving2013

    Aha, is that what they are… Like you I thought it was great to see so much wildlife in my garden. They have attcked my zucchini and squash too (which is already covered in mildew due to the strange weather we’ve been having in Sydney) and looks like my squash harvest will be nil this year


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