Breadmaking – Brioche

Walking through the local farmers markets is a great start to any weekend.  On our last visit I found myself eyeing off the breads and baked goods on offer, and was inspired to roll up the sleeves and try something different from the same-old sandwich bread.

I settled on something extravagant – Brioche – a recipe demanding almost a whole block of butter, and no less than 7 eggs.  Luckily I had plans to spend most of the weekend working up a sweat in the garden.

eggs and butterShapingeggwashloaf finished

While it baked, the house filled with the most amazingly rich and promising aroma – I could have closed my eyes and imagined myself standing inside a French bakery.  It came out of oven perfectly and was enjoyed while still warm with home-made strawberry jam, and then with eggs benedict on Sunday morning.  It’s a good life, this simple life.



5 thoughts on “Breadmaking – Brioche

  1. Kathy

    PS….if you ever feel the need to do a step by step on those poached eggs that would be great. I have read all the instructions, fresh eggs and they still don’t look the way they do when served at a cafe….

    1. suburbandigs Post author

      Thanks Kathy, I’d really encourage you to get into it – seriously I can’t bring myself to buy the store-bought stuff now, because homemade bread is so much nicer! Sure, I’d be happy to put together something on poaching. Stay tuned.


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