Last week I mentioned I had a plan for taking the next steps in simple living.

Well, here it is. I intend on leaving my job.

There’s a fair bit of emotion tied in with those few words – my heartbeat started rising just typing it – I think it’s a mixture of lots of excitement and a tiny amount of unease. I’m not sure why I feel anxious at all, I know we’ll be just fine, we’ve been planning this for a long time and now the arrival of our baby in June has set a date for it.

So with that said, in five months time I will hang up my neck-tie to join the ranks of male home-makers, embrace more aspects of simple living, and share in the upbringing of our child. It will mean less money, but we’ve come to terms with that.


We will live off the income brought in by my wife’s home based business, which we’ve been throwing ourselves into since she left traditional employment just over two years ago. It now brings in more than I do, so putting aside the fact that I’ve been unhappy in my job for quite some time now, if either of us was to give up our jobs to raise our little family, it makes financial sense that I bow out rather than us wind-up the business.

I think we’re fairly prepared for the hit on the wallet. For a number of years now we’ve been working on lowering our day to day expenses. This has been achieved through actions like paying extra on the mortgage, investing capital upfront in things like solar hot water to lower running costs, and learning new skills like growing many of our vegetables.

I’m taking this responsibility pretty seriously. There will be plenty to do. In some ways I imagine myself even more busy than I am these days (which is a difficult prospect, let me tell you), but it will restore purpose to my life and give me a sense of satisfaction that has been largely absent for years. I’m ready for it.


5 thoughts on “Downshifting

  1. Suburban Jubilee

    Seems to me that your wife would be working pretty hard. Even if it is a home-based business, it would still be keeping her busy on top of everything else so I think it is perfectly reasonable for you to leave work at this stage and take over the other duties. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and I find you always live a lifestyle to your means. Money allays anxiety but it doesn’t buy happiness. I am at this time relatively poor but living simply has given me great peace, satisfaction and happiness. I will allow that having the children grown and gone makes one feel less anxious about responsibilities too. There can be quite a lot of expenses when both parents work too, one doesn’t have time to; op shop and buy bargains, make clothes and knit and quite often you just can’t seem to pull a dinner together let alone keep the successive sowing going. I can understand your heart racing but you can only try. If worse comes to worse, you get a casual job, even four hours on a Saturday at the bottle shop keeps the dream alive. Good luck.

    1. suburbandigs Post author

      Thanks for your comment and wise words Tanya. Your observation is correct, we are working ourselves silly at a pace that cannot be sustained, and this change will restore some balance to our lives. You are right – we can only try – and mark my words, I’ll be trying bloody hard – but if it doesn’t work out I’m absolutely prepared to get into some part time or casual employment. Cheers, hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Maria

    Yes, it will be scary, but you are more than prepared. First, stay true to your goals. Living simply takes discipline, and when you stay the course, the choices that are made become easier to accept.

    I pray the best for all three of you 🙂 When my husband and I decided to live simply, it was a bit nerve wrecking in the beginning…but trust me, it got easier and easier. mb

  3. Tania

    It is often the hardest decisions that bring the best outcomes and truly make a difference in our lives. You will have much to do but I think it will be far more rewarding in the long term. And congratulations to both of you on the future addition!
    Thank you for your comment on the fires. Fortunately it has moved away from where we are and the firies seem to be containing it well. Let’s hope for no more of that hot windy weather.

  4. Fraser

    Go. For. It. It takes courage but it is totally do-able. You have the will, you’ll find the way. I’m getting amped, you’re the 4th person this week that I’ve come across who’s stepping away from the man and into a self-determined future. Good Luck.


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