Onion Harvest

We use a lot of onions in our house, as so many recipes call for them.  As a trial, I grew about a dozen onions last season which worked out really well, so I got a bit more serious next time around and planted out one hundred seedlings last June.Onionswithgrass

Unfortunately, they didn’t all make it.

In early spring I lost nearly half – about fourty – to Currawong birds who would uproot the fragile seedlings. I guess they were looking for food, either that or they were really bored.

Then I lost more to this horrendously hot weather.  The saying goes something like…  “plant onions on the shortest day of the year, and harvest on the longest day”.  Well, I missed the harvest date by about two weeks and by the time I got out there I found some had rotted from the heat.

Next time I won’t be so tardy about harvesting them, and cover them up when natural food is scarce.  There is always a lesson to be learned from the garden.


Despite such heavy loses, the harvest ended up being eleven kilograms from just over two square meters of earth.  We’ll get through these in just a few months, but If they’d all survived I’d have well over twenty kilograms!  I will note to grow even more next year and nurse them more carefully.


4 thoughts on “Onion Harvest

  1. dixiebelle

    Good grief, that is still a lot of onions. I did grow onions one Winter with poor results, and seen as I feel more passionately about garlic, concentrated on those this last season!

  2. juliegreenart

    Teach me your ways! Amazing. Wish I had the same amount of produce in my own backyard and the same aptitude for photography. I’ll learn, I will, and you’ve inspired me. Thank you for sharing.


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