My Happy Place

For New Year’s Eve we took off to the Kosciuszko National Park for some camping and getting away from it all. We were joined by family – siblings and partners – at a quiet rest area called Geehi Flats, on the western slope of the Great Dividing Range. There is no mobile reception here, nor many of the other modern day distractions. This place offers a pristine environment teeming with wildlife and a crystal clear river to sit by and relax, let go, and unwind.  This is a place where the biggest decision of the day is when shall we have lunch.  This is my happy place.


I like fishing.  I’ve not done a lot of it to date, but I think it would complement my lifestyle and I want to get into it.  My sister-in-law’s partner is a keen fisherman and he helped me get a grasp on the casting technique for fly-fishing. We didn’t catch anything, but I suspect it was mostly a timing problem – we were too slow – they were literally dancing in the air in their quest for a feed first thing in the morning.

fly fish

The weather was perfect – sunny and warm – an iconic Australian summer day.  A lot of time was spent in the water, either sitting in camp chairs under the shade of trees in the shallows or going for regular dips to keep cool.


One of the things that makes camping for me is the food.   Food always tastes better when you’re “roughing it”.  The best mandrin I’ve ever eaten was offered to me as a snack when on a district hike as a young boy scout, and I still remember it today. To bring in the new year my sister and her husband prepare a roast lamb with veggies in a camp oven, and it was easily the best roast I’ve ever enjoyed.

seasoningcutting roast

After dinner we sat around a warm camp fire until the strike of midnight, enjoyed a few drinks, listened to each others stories, plans and aspirations for the new year.  The new year offers much in the way of anticipation, and for us we hope to more closely align our life to our values while looking forward to the arrival of our new baby.  Happy new year.



12 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. tricia

    What a magical place. I know what you mean about food tasting better outdoors. I have fond memories of some very simple meal when bushwalking. And a childhood memory of a hot chocolate after a day skiing. I’ve actually tried to replicate the taste of that hot chocolate and have never managed to,

  2. dixiebelle

    We are off camping in a couple of weeks to Wee Jasper Reserves. Looking forward to giving our kids the memories that both my husband and I got as kids on our family camp trips. I would love to be able to have campfires (and use one of my two dutch ovens!!), but the fire restrictions always seem to put a dampner on that idea.

    1. suburbandigs Post author

      Hi Bec, I look forward to reading about your family camping adventures and I hope the fire danger warnings are kind enough for a campfire while you’re away. Stay cool in this heat!

  3. greeningofgavin

    Hi Michael. That place looks amazingly tranquil and serene. Just the spot to recharge your environmental batteries and plan for the year ahead. The food looks delicious.

    BTW, the photographs are simply amazing. You have a gift.



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