Garlic Harvest

It was late afternoon on a cold day in July when I found myself outside planting out the garlic crop for this year.  We had purchased about a hundred cloves for planting from someone at a meeting of the Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS).  They grew strong and in perfect rows, never surrendering to our cold frosty evenings.

Fast-forward to December.  The days are warmer, longer and the scapes have emerged.  Some of the leaves have completely died off, and the tops are beginning to brown.  It’s harvest time.

GarlicneckGarlic rows

A gentle pry with the garden fork breaks up the ground for easy uprooting.  A few taps to knock off the dirt and then into the wheelbarrow.

garlic andscape garlic overheadThey will be hung up to dry now, and later braided for storage.  The best cloves will be selected for replanting when the weather turns cold again, and so the cycle continues.  Vampires beware.


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